alone i break
  rock me
  can you see...?

    - mehr Freunde


Am I going crazy? Come on, and say in taste Am I too lost, to face it? And what will it cost to escape Nothing is right I'm so scared. Come on, step inside, and you'll realize. Tell me what you need, tell me what to be. What's your vision? You'll see, what do you expect of me? I cant live that lie.


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Es ist alles nur eine Frage der Zeit.
1.4.06 13:46


Secrets Don't Make Friends

Your words are deadly weapons
killing me, destroying me
Your words are deadly weapons
scatter my brains across the wall
2.4.06 17:29

just happy

War eben in der Stadt, richtig schön shoppen... Hab neue Schuhe, 2 neue Buttons, einen Pulli, ne Jeans und ein Oberteil. <3 Wuhu!
Jetzt muss ich nur noch zum Frisör, das heißt ich werde mir mein Pony selber schneiden.
Das Beste ist aber, dass ich Franz zurück hab und eine 2- hab. =)
Das is der Hammer, hab sonst Text immer 5 und insgesamt dann 4...

Rock on.
3.4.06 16:43

klick it, darling

6.4.06 14:12

Mommy, can I go out and kill tonight?

Maybe a good excuse not to give a fuck.But I...care.For you.

I'm not afraid to bleed and fuck and fight.


I made sure, that I look how I wanted to look
The people around me, the people surround me

and it's hard to say how I feel today
6.4.06 14:28

Dance - baby - dance!

Would you like something to drink?
6.4.06 14:56

Short stories with tragic endings

If I could paint how I feel,
I'd draw a bullseye on your forehead

So cast the stones that I'll gladly catch
and I'll throw them right fucking back


Hiding behind the shadows
I'll be waiting in the dark
to drive this blade straight through your heart
I'll drag your body to the car
as blood races down my arm
I think everyone will wonder where you are, tonight

I'll hide you in my walls
your body will never be found
I'll wear your skin as a suit
Pretend to be you, your friends will like you more than they used to

I've been dreaming about you
in a pool of your own blood
with your eyes gouged out
by the work of my thumbs
the scent of your insides
from under the floorboards
the perfect perfume
for settling a score

And when I'm done with it, this towndisco will never be the same
7.4.06 00:09

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